Copper Compression Wrist Sleeve

SSST has developed the most advanced technique in copper infused fabric. Our copper compression wrist sleeves (along with copper compression knee sleeves, copper compression elbow sleeves, and copper compression ankle sleeves) are truly copper rich – 25% copper fiber in every sleeve, making our copper sleeves the most attractive products on market.

What Makes Our Copper Compression Wrist Sleeves Special?

Copper compression wrist sleeve is made from the fabric that contain copper, which is the fabric material with copper fiber infusion. Pending on the infusing technique, the amount or content of copper gets infused into the fabric varies. Due to the breakable nature of copper element, there is an upper limit of copper that can be infused without causing the fabric to break under pressure (compression). Most copper wrist compression sleeves on the market claim as high as 88% copper content. That is a complete misleading statement because what is claimed is actually the percentage of fabric being infused with copper, not how much copper itself in the fabric.

SSST has developed the infusion technology that can infuse as much as 25% copper fiber into fabric material, the highest copper content in the fabric without breaking.

copper rich wrist sleeves

Benefits of Copper Compression Wrist Sleeve

1. Improves blood circulation
Compression can help increase the blood flow to the wrist area. Wrist sleeves will keep your wrist warm even in the very cold weather. When the temperature increases, the vessels also dilate, allowing for more blood to flow through the wrist. Increased blood flow can greatly help healing tendonitis, wrist sprains, impact injuries and swelling.

2.Provides compression and support
Compression therapy has been popularly used for medical conditions such as the carpal tunnel syndrome. Wearing a compression wrist sleeve can provide the much-needed support and therapeutic warmth for the wrist. This makes you feel more comfortable and get through your routine without limitations.

3. Protects and prevents wrist injuries
Wearing a compression wrist sleeve can help prevent injuries, support an injured wrist, and prevent future injuries. Wrist sleeves can provide support to your wrist wile still allow flexibility in bending or moving your wrist. If you play tennis, golf or do weightlifting, it is worth considering getting a new pair of wrist sleeves to avoid sports-related injuries.

4. Prevents muscle soreness and stiffness and helps in muscle recovery
If you are suffering from weak or aching wrists, arthritis and repetitive injuries among others, you could benefit from wearing wrist sleeves. Compression wrist sleeves can help in wrist pain relief and muscle recovery as the sleeves promote for better blood circulation.

5. Copper anti-inflammatory actions help in wrist arthritis
Copper’s anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties can date back thousands of years. Along with its disinfecting effect, copper has been widely applied to fabric in helping pain management and wound healing. Copper wrist compression sleeves do help in relieving wrist pain of arthritis.

Adjustable Compression Copper Wrist Sleeves

  • Adjustable Strap Around Wrist
  • Copper Rich (25% Copper Fiber)
  • Comfort Fit (Custom Design)
  • Moderate-Firm Compression

Lightweight Copper Compression Wrist Sleeve

  • Mild-Moderate Compression
  • Copper Rich (25% Copper Fiber)
  • Easy-Fit (Custom Design)
  • Lightweight Day & Night Wear