Copper Infused Wrist Sleeve

SSST is leading the industry in copper infusion technology. By applying the cutting-edge technology on state-of-the-art 3D circular weaving machine, we have achieved the highest content copper in our compression sleeves.  Our copper compression wrist sleeves contain 25% copper fiber, the highest copper content a sleeve can have without breaking up under pressure. Our copper infused wrist sleeves are truly making a huge difference for tens of thousands of people who have been wearing them to support their wrists and hands.

Types of Copper Infused Wrist Sleeves

SSST is making several types of copper infused wrist sleeves;

By Style – wrist sleeve or wrist and hand sleeve

By Adjust-ability – wrist sleeve with strap or without strap

By Compression Level – firm compression, moderate compression or mild compression

By Size and Color – we can make any sizes from xxs to xxl, and any colors per you request