Knee Compression Sleeve Running

SSST is the leading manufacturer in knee compression sleeve running.  We have developed several different types of knee sleeves, and each knee sleeve has its own features that are specifically designed for different types of runners.

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Knee injuries are considered as one of the biggest problems among runners. Most runners are prone to getting knee problems after running for a long time. While knee braces are used to help reduce the severity of the injuries, they do not provide the flexibility for runners and protect athletes’ knees while they are running. This is the reason why most runners choose to wear knee compression sleeves.

Knee compression sleeve running provides the compression and support for runners’ knee, preventing runners from knee injuries. However, it is important to take note that knee sleeves are not only used by athletic people. Even people who have weak or vulnerable knees can benefit from the compression technology provided by knee sleeves. Moreover, people who underwent surgical operation on the knees can also use knee sleeves to provide support during recovery.

knee compression sleeve running

How Do Knee Compression Sleeves Help in Running?

A study published by the JAMA Internal Medicine indicated that runners are prone to getting different types of knee injuries. The reason for this is that the knees are one of the few parts of the body that is frequently moved while supporting the body weight, and thus it is subject to wear and tear.

how knee compression sleeve help running

Most runners suffer from patellofemoral pain due to the wear and tear of the patella – a small circular bone – that is responsible for the movement of the knees.  Runners also suffer from progressive tendonitis which is characterized by the grinding of the knee cap due to excessive movement.

When runners wear knee compression sleeves, the compression fabric restricts the patella from moving too much which causes the wear and tear.  It can also increase the proprioception which is defined as the capacity of the runner to feel the position of a joint in space. Simply put, knee sleeves do not only provide mechanical support mechanisms on the knees but also improves the ability of the nervous system to determine the placement of the joint particularly the patella. The Knee Sleeve also allows for a full range of motion and does not restrict movement. Reduce Inflammation and Knee Pain Relief: Compression in each knee sleeve improves circulation for faster recovery and provides muscle stabilization.

How to Choose Knee Compression Sleeves for Running

When you are searching for a knee sleeve that is made for running, you have to pay attention to the detail of each of the products. It is important for you to buy a knee sleeve that is made in the highest quality way – material, design, technology, comfort fit, durability, etc. When you are purchasing a knee sleeve for running, make sure that you find one that provides the best protection and holds up well through much use and lasts well as you use it again and again.

Fabric weaved knee sleeves provide much better compression than neoprene sleeves. They are also more flexible and give much better mobility for runners. Most machine weaved knee sleeves are made from nylon and spandex, but the weaving technique can make huge difference in compression quality. A tightly weaved knee sleeve, such as our Medical Compression Knee Sleeve, has high density and long-lasting medical-grade compression. Design is another important factor. A good design knee sleeve, such as our Sports Knee Support Sleeve, which has 3D design of Consistent and Evenly Distributed (C.E.D) Compression technology, creates a graduate and consistent compression right around knee, not like most other knee sleeves of compression just on top and bottom of knee but not enough around knee itself, to give the best knee support during sports movement. Make sure that the knee sleeve for running that you purchase is one that gives you all of the mobility that you want and that it helps you to move well. Do not purchase something if you feel that it will constrict your leg or slow you down in any way.