Knee Sleeve with Patella Support

SSST has two decade years of experience in making compression knee sleeves.  The two types of knee sleeves with patella support are among the best knee braces for patella stabilization. Owing to its unique design and premium quality material, our patella stabilizer knee braces have become the most popular products for patella knee protection for men and women.

What Is Knee Sleeve with Patella Support?

If you have kneecap pain or suffered a dislocated patella, the knee sleeve with patella support is a good option to help keep the patella in the proper position. Other conditions like patellofemoral pain syndromeknee arthritis, or chondromalacia patella (CMP) may also benefit from the use of a patella knee brace. Be sure to talk to your doctor or physical therapist to be sure you are using the patella brace for your condition.

There are two types of knee sleeve with patella support – Open Patella Knee Sleeve and Closed Patella Knee Sleeve.

Open Patella Knee Brac

As the name suggests, an open patella knee brace is a neoprene brace with an opening on kneecap and an enforced ring around the opening that serves as a stabilizer to hold the patella in the proper place during activities like walking, running, or squatting.

Closed Patella Knee Brace

A closed patella stabilizer knee brace has no holes. Braces with an open patella allow relief of knee pressure and extra knee cap support with proper movement and tracking. Closed patella braces, on the other hand, offer compression at the knee cap with the same pressure as the rest of the knee and additional support.

patella tendonitis

What Does an Knee Sleeve with Patella Support Do?

A knee sleeve with patella support can serve many functions depending on the specific problem for which it is being used. Some injuries that may require the use of patella knee sleeves include:

  • Patellar dislocation: If you have suffered a dislocated patella (kneecap), a brace can help keep the patella in the proper place during walking, running and athletic activity.
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprain: After knee surgery like a meniscus tear repair or an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair, a good knee brace can help stabilize the joint. Initially, a Bledsoe brace is worn. After some healing has taken place, a patella knee brace can be worn during athletic activity.
  • Patellar Tendonitis and chondromalacia patellae (CMP): Patellar tendonitis is a painful condition in the front of your knee. Many patients with this condition benefit from a patella knee brace stabilizer with a J-pad in the front to gently lift the patella.
  • Arthritis: People with knee osteoarthritis sometimes benefit from a patella knee brace. This helps to unload the joint surfaces of your knee.

In general, a patella knee brace should be specific for your condition and should help to manage and distribute forces around your knee. After an injury, a good knee brace can protect your knee and the surrounding structures as healing takes place.

How to Choose A Knee Sleeve with Patella Support?

When choose a patella knee brace, the following factors need to be put into consideration:

  • Open or closed: Closed patella knee braces can sometimes cause or aggravate knee injuries by applying pressure to the patella during a workout and causing it to move off-center, or rub against the underlying joint. Many open patella braces are designed specifically to support the patella as a secondary benefit, holding it in proper alignment relative to the rest of the knee joint. Open patella braces provide slightly less support than closed patella braces, so powerlifters and bodybuilders often favor the closed design. Athletes in more active sports often favor open patella braces for their lightness and flexibility.
  • More support or less support: Most patella stabilizer knee braces are made from neoprene material. Since neoprene varies in thickness, strength-ability, elasticity, and durability, the patella knee brace also varies in levels of support. In general, the thicker the brace is, the better support it has. The compression straps also make difference in the knee support level, and the quality and design of the ring around patella is another key factor in patella knee support.
  • Breathable or not? Some patella stabilizer knee braces are made of perforated neoprene while other are not. The perforated neoprene, which has small holes on the material, allows heat evaporate through those holes and thus keeps the brace dry.
  • Comfortable fit:  A better designed patella stabilizer knee brace makes tightly snug around knee and comfortable to wear. This is very true when wear the brace for intensive activities such as running, hiking, or cycling.
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Open Patella Knee Brace