Lower Back Support Brace

SSST has conducted extensive research and study in human body structure and the various causes of lower back pain. With countless trial and error, we have developed several designs of lower back support braces. Some of the braces are made from knitted material in 3D weaving, which provide good compression and durability. Others are made of high quality neoprene with reinforced elastic straps for adjustable compression. All the lower back support braces have the unique design that match perfectly to human lower back structure, and the lumbar pads that are perfectly placed to relieve the pain spots and support spine in the meantime. Our lower back support braces are highly recommended by Doctors,  Chiropractors, Orthopedics, Physical Therapists to help in lower back pain relief for men and women.

Knitted Lower Back Support Braces

  • Machine Weaved Knitted Compression
  • Dual Straps for Extra and Adjustable Support
  • Silicone Gel Pad to Support Lower Back
  • Graduate Firm Compression
  • Best for Sports and Gym Workouts
  • Machine Weaved Knitted Compression
  • Four Lumbar Sticks to Support Lower Back
  • Graduate Moderate Compression
  • Warm and Lightweight
  • Best for Walking, Running, Gyms
  • Machine Weaved Knitted Compression
  • Tall Back Support
  • Four Lumbar Sticks to Support Lower Back
  • Graduate Moderate-Firm Compression
  • Best for Spine Support and Posture Correction

Neoprene Lower Back Support Braces

  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • 3D Webbing & Nylon
  • Two 3D Lumbar Pads at Lower Back
  • Dual Straps for Adjustable Compression
  • Discreet, Best for Everyday Support Under Clothes
  • Perforated Premium Quality Neoprene
  • Two 3D Lumbar Support at Lower Back
  • Y-Shape Suspenders (Removable)
  • Adjustable Straps for Moderate-Firm Compression
  • Best for Heavy Lifting, Weightlifting
  • Perforated Premium Neoprene Super Breathable
  • Two 3D Medical Lumbar Pads
  • Dual Straps for Adjustable Support
  • Graduate Moderate-Firm Compression
  • Best for Lower Back Pain Relief