Orthopedic Compression Knee Sleeve

SSST is leading the industry in making medical-grade orthopedic compression sleeves. By applying the cutting-edge technology on state-of-the-art machine, we have achieved the highest level compression, the medical grade compression, on the 3D circular weaving knee sleeves. We have selected the highest quality material of Nylon and Spandex and added moisture-wicking Polyester into the blend to increase the breath-ability. We then apply our high density tighter weaving technique to make the sleeves true and long-lasting compression. Our orthopedic compression knee sleeves are truly making a huge difference for tens of thousands of people who have been wearing them to support their knees.

We have several types of medical knee sleeves aimed to help different knee issues.

Orthopedic Compression Sleeves with No-Restriction

  • STAY-PUT & ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: The Innovative “Lock-In-Place” Design plus the Anti-Slip Lock silicone waving keeps the knee sleeve absolutely stay put – no sliding down, no rolling up, stay in place during any activities
  • NO-RESTRICTION: Non-rigid design plus flexible design pattern on kneecap make this knee sleeve improved mobility with no restriction, perfect for sports and activities with knee movements
  • PAIN RELIEF & INJURY PREVENTION: High compression reduces arthritis, inflammation, joint pain, tendonitis, post-surgery, swelling as well as strains and sprains
  • FLEXIBLE & BREATHABLE FABRIC: It incorporates moisture wicking Polyester into the Nylon-Spandex blend, which dramatically increases breathe-ability and helps in keeping your skin dry and comfortable
  • SIZE & COLOR: Sizes available from XS to XXL, multiple colors per your request

Orthopedic Knee Sleeve with Silicone Straps and Spiral Stays

  • SILICONE STRAPS– Reinforced Silicone Straps around kneecap give enhanced compression around knee and help in patella stabilization
  • SPRING STAYS – Dual spring spiral stays on each side provide extra knee support while still flexible enough to not hinder knee movement
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC – Nylon-Spandex material with Polyester added into the blend makes the knee sleeve super breathable, keep your knee dry and comfortable
  • SIZE & COLOR – Multiple sizes and colors per your request

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