Orthopedic Compression Wrist Sleeve

SSST is leading the industry in making medical-grade orthopedic compression sleeves. By applying the cutting-edge compression technology on state-of-the-art machine, we have achieved the highest level compression – the medical grade compression – on the 3D circular weaving wrist sleeves. We have selected the high quality material of Nylon and Spandex and added moisture-wicking Polyester into the blend to increase the breath-ability. We then apply our high density tighter weaving technique to make the true and long-lasting compression on the wrist sleeves. Our orthopedic compression wrist sleeves are truly making the huge difference for thousands of people who have suffered of carpal tunnel or other wrist problems.

  • NEW ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Longer Sleeve and Better Support: This compression wrist sleeve creates more compression around wrist and arm, and loosens up around hand to make it more comfortable for everyday wear
  • SOFT BREATHABLE:  Our wrist and arm sleeve incorporates moisture wicking Polyester into the Nylon-Spandex blend, which dramatically increases softness and breathe-ability and helps in keeping your skin dry and comfortable
  • TRUE MEDICAL-GRADE COMPRESSION: By applying tighter weaving, our wrist sleeve has high density, is strong and durable, and provides true and long lasting compression
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: warm and strong compression around wrist and thumb improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, swelling and soreness, promotes muscle recovery and helps in joint pain relief

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