Sports Knee Support Sleeve

SSST is leading the industry in making sports protection compression sleeves. By applying the cutting-edge technology on state-of-the-art machine, we have achieved the various levels compression support, from level 1 to level 4 protection, on the 3D circular weaving knee sleeves. We have selected the highest quality material of Nylon and Spandex and added moisture-wicking Polyester into the blend to increase the breath-ability. We then apply our high density tighter weaving technique to make the sleeves true and long-lasting compression. Our sports compression knee sleeves are truly making a huge difference for tens of thousands of people who have been wearing them to support their knees during sports and activities.

High-Strength Knee Sleeve for Power Lifting, Cross Training

Our newly developed high-strength knitted knee sleeve is truly revolutionary to the strength training world. This machine weaved high strength high performance knee sleeve combines all the benefits from knitted knee sleeve’s beathability, flexibility, graduate and long-lasting compression and the 7mm neoprene knee sleeve’s strong support and durability. This knee sleeve is a great upgraded alternative to the best 7mm neoprene knee sleeves on the market.

  • High Strength Knitted Fabric – A patented blend of reinforced Polyester, Nylon and Spandex in high-density 3D circular weaving for stronger knee support and stability with consistent 360-degree compression
  • Flexible & Comfortable – The flexible properties of these sleeves will allow you to perform your very best, without getting in the way. Bringing your performance to next level
  • Seamless Weaving You will not experience the ripping or tearing issues that commonly occur in neoprene sleeves. These knee sleeves will give you the best knee support during your strength training
  • Ultimate Workout Protection Reduce pressure and swelling of knee area during heavy duty activities, promote muscle recovery and knee pain relief. Protect your knee from start to finish
  • SIZE & COLOR: Sizes available from XS to XXL, multiple colors per your request

Sports Knee Support Sleeve Lightweight No-Restriction

  • C.E.D. TECHNOLOGY: Consistent & Evenly Distributed (C.E.D) Compression technology combined with Advanced knitting technique enables this knee brace the maximum support around knee. The multi-line silicone dots make the sleeve more secure with no sliding down, no rolling up, stay in place during any activities
  • SPOT-ON KNEE COMPRESSION: Unlike other knee sleeves of straight line design that only provide unnecessary compression around thigh and calf and not enough compression around knee, this knee sleeve applies the curved design and creates the spot-on compression right around the knee, giving you the much needed support at knee
  • THIN BREATHABLE FABRIC: This knee sleeve incorporates moisture wicking Polyester into the Nylon-Spandex blend, which dramatically increases breathe-ability and helps in keeping your skin dry and comfortable, fits perfectly under uniform or pants
  • ANTI-SLIP FLEXIBLE: 4-way stretch fabric for custom fit and comfort. Different weaving pattern is applied at back of knee and on kneecap to provide optimal compression for patella support while not hindering knee movement. 3 Lines No-Slip Silicone dots keep the sleeve stay-put & no siding down, no rolling up in daily activities
  • SIZE & COLOR – Multiple sizes and colors per your request

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