Our Stance Compression Technology

At SSST, we have more than two decades years of experience in making high quality compression sleeves for medical and sports protection. We are constantly exploring new technologies. Most recently, we have developed the stance compression technology by integrating 360-degree printing technology into our compression sleeves production process.

If you are interested in our stance compression technology or have any questions, please contact us.

Advantages of Our Stance Compression Technology

  • State-of-the-Art Machine: 3D circular weaving and 360-degree printing
  • Computer Control – automation process for precise weaving & printing
  • Image Input – can take any images with the correct format
  • Stream-Line Process – weaving, printing and drying in the same process
  • Various Designs – can produce any design, shape and size sleeves
  • Consistent Compression – consistent 360-degree compression all around
  • Large Throughput – we have the capacity to handle large orders

What Is Stance Compression?

Compression sleeves have been widely used for support and protection. However, limited by the circular weaving machine and technique, only a very few color can be incorporated into the making of the sleeves. That is why you see most compression sleeves are either solid colors or with some color straps. By bringing the 360-degree color printing technology into the process, we rejuvenate the sports fields, the gyms, and the everyday activities with more colors and joy. With our newly developed computer image input system, and seamlessly integrating the 360-degree color printing technology into the circular weaving process, we make the stance compression sleeves a reality. For any color mixes you desire, any patterns you can design, or any life moment you want to preserve, as long as you can capture and save into an image, we will bring it back to life and create the stance sleeves for you.

What Makes Our Stance Compression Technology So Special?

You may have heard a lot about stance socks or stance underwear, but not much about stance compression sleeves such as stance knee sleeves or stance ankle sleeves. Why? because the stance socks and stance compression sleeves are totally different in manufacture processes and technologies. Stance socks are not focused on compression level but much on style and comfort level, while stance compression sleeves are for compression and are made from 3D circular weaving machine. In most cases, different patterns and adjustments are applied during the weaving to create the desired level of compression at certain area. Take knee sleeve as an example, by putting more compression around knee cap to create the consistent compression around knee.

During the 360-degree printing process, the stance compression sleeves have to be handled accordingly to get the image being printed perfectly around the sleeves.

At SSST, we are proud to be the first to develop stance compression technology. Please check our stance compression sleeves below: