Wrist Sleeve for Carpal Tunnel

Compression wrist sleeve has been well known to help carpal tunnel syndrome. SSST has developed several types of wrist sleeves for carpal tunnel – medical compression wrist sleeve, stance compression wrist sleeve, copper compression wrist sleeve, and adjustable compression wrist sleeve. All three types wrist sleeves are widely used by men and women to treat various carpal tunnel issues.

What is Carpal Tunnel? How Does A Wrist Sleeve Help?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a series of symptoms that occur when there is pressure applied to the median nerve in your wrist. This and several other tendons go through a small space in your wrist called the carpal tunnel — a narrow path that’s made of bone and ligament. If there’s swelling in your wrist, that tunnel is squeezed and it pinches your median nerve, which causes your symptoms.

If you feel weakness in your hands, drop things more often than usual, or your hands frequently burn, tingle or itch—especially if it’s accompanied by a feeling of numbness—you might have carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is common in those who work in assembly lines and otherwise use their hands frequently such as gaming or typing. Early detection and treatment of carpal tunnel is critical to preventing permanent nerve damage.

carpal tunnel wrist sleeve

Compression wrist sleeves will help to reduce swelling and give you better blood flow to your wrist and the oxygen it needs in order to heal.  They can also kee your hand in the proper position and preventing extra stress from impacting the median nerve. A carpal tunnel wrist sleeve or brace may help hold your wrist in a straight or neutral position to keep you from bending it and putting more pressure on the nerve. You can also wear a carpal tunnel wrist sleeve during the night to keep you from unknowingly bending your wrist as you sleep.

How to Choose a Wrist Sleeve for Carpal Tunnel?

Finding a right wrist support product for your carpal tunnel is very important. When choosing a wrist sleeve for carpal tunnel, it’s essential to consider how much support you wrist requires, what level of compression you need, and if the support or compression should be adjustable.

Support Level: Normally a wrist brace provides better support than a wrist sleeve. If your wrist requires firm or stabilizing support to keep it in proper position, a wrist brace with or without splint may be your better choice. If you want mild to moderate level support but some flexibility in moving or bending, a wrist sleeve is what you should get.

Compression Level: Depending on the fabric and the weaving technology, a wrist sleeve can have different levels of compression – mild, moderate, or firm. Mild compression provides energizing compression to help relieve mild symptoms in carpal tunnel, and can be worn in night during sleeping; Moderate compression provides restoring compression to help relieve mild-moderate symptoms in carpal tunnel, and normally wear during activities of frequent wrist bending like typing; Firm compression provides therapeutic compression to help relieve moderate-severe symptoms of chronic pain, and thus limit wrist movement for proper healing.

Adjustable or Not: Carpal tunnel wrist sleeve comes with or without the extra strap around wrist. The ones with such strap provide the capability of adjustable compression or support. This type of wrist sleeve gives you more flexibility in adjusting the support based on your need at the time of the day, or the activity you are performing. It also provide better support and compression than the one without. On the other hand, it adds another layer and thus may not fit for longer wear.

Medical Compression Wrist Sleeves

medical compression wrist sleeve
  • Medical-Grade Firm Compression
  •  Soft, Breathable and Durable Fabric
  •  Wrist, Hand and Forearm Support

Stance Compression Wrist Sleeves

stance compression wrist sleeve
  • Stance Compression Mild-Moderate-Firm
  •  Soft, Breathable and Durable Fabric
  •  Wrist, Hand and Forearm Support

Copper Compression Wrist Sleeve

copper compression wrsit sleeve
  • Copper-Infused Fabric
  • Mild-Moderate Compression
  • Soft & Breathable for Everyday Support

Adjustable Compression Wrist Sleeves

adjustable compression wrist sleeve
  • Moderate-Firm Compression
  • Adjustable Strap for Extra Support
  • Copper-Infused Fabric